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  • Removal of all road markings, regardless of age, thickness and texture
  • Removal of rubber from airport runways and race car and motorcycles tracks
  • Recovery of skid resistance


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Investing in improvement of road safety, airports, parking etc., the company has a huge amount of assets in modern innovative special machinery, equipped with the innovative high pressure water method. This method has outstanding tested results in rubber removal (especially in airport runways), in old road markings removal ( of any texture, quality or age), as well as the recovery of skid resistance, that is being caused due to heavy traffic load or even with normal wear combined with adding pollutants, mainly in rain conditions.

So, technology of Water Blasting Jet is even more developed according to specific requirements of road maintenance, as its utility for skid resistance in highways, sharp turns, in high load traffic roads, in big cities with avenues, is vital for human life that is being saved when the road are well preserved whereas at the same time any functional costs are successfully being reduced (and for maintenance), because any refitting asphalt is being avoided, while the road accident reduction restricts any financial effects.

Water Blasting Jet is globally considered to be from all the airports around the world as the main method of removing rubber and old road markings from runways, tracks and other surfaces. Water Blasting Jet cannot be compared with any other conventional water pressure systems. The high pressure of 2500 to 3000 bar and the special patented sprey system is considered to be really unique.



Removal of road marking materials, fast, with the least amount of shadows and no trace of former road marking material.

WATER BLASTING JET is ideal for road marking material removal, (one component paint, two component cold plastic, thermoplastic, epoxide, prefabricated tapes etc.) regardless of the age of the material, the texture and the thickness under any surface. Even if the asphalt surface is soft, WATER BLASTING JET is the best method, not only for road marking material removal, but for recovery of skid resistance as well, without causing any damage on the surface. With maximum total width of 2200 mm in one layer, gives outstanding results in lubricity. The clean and scrub method improves at exceptional level the road skid resistance

Main applications for road maintenance work are:

  • Every type of road surface (cement, asphalt, etc)
  • Parking for vehicles, buses, taxi
  • Pedestrian’s crossings
  • Tunnels
  • 'Every region of the airports
  • Test tracks
  • Race tracks
  • Toll stations
  • Bus lines
  • Bicycle paths

WATER BLASTING JET is removing all rag types and hazardous waste such as rubber trace, fuel leaks, oil leaks, plumbing liquids, road marking paints, graffiti paints etc. The reduced noise pollution and at the same time vacuum recovery make WATER BLASTING JET system environmentally friendly, while simultaneously high efficiency is being achieved, without causing any damage on the surface.


Rubber removal from airport runways and race car and motorcycle tracks

(Why WATER BLASTING JET method is a must)

  • It removes rubber rags 100%
  • Does not harm the surface
  • The material to be removed is removable with outstanding results, regardless of the resilience
  • No rags after application
  • Fast, ecofriendly, value for money and always with safety