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This category includes prefabricated materials from a special two-component thermoplastic material. The choices of this category are unlimited and they are a fun and innovative way to protect and guide the drivers. It is mainly applied in areas where stopping and parking of vehicles, or traffic lanes of specific vehicles, such as buses or ambulances is prohibited.

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It undoubtedly gives the drivers a feeling that they are in the wrong place, which the roadway with only a regular lane does not reminisce.

This method requires art into the service of road safety. Improving the street image with 3D graphic artworks (street art) improves safety and ensures smooth and uninterrupted traffic flow.

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The materials are extremely durable with a long life, while 3D printing allows them to use different colors, designs and combinations. Their application is simple and no traffic interruptions are required. It is not affected by weather conditions and therefore can be applied during any time of year. The average warranty period is 2-3 years, depending on the external factors.